FAQ on K101 Plus

Guides on fast playing games on K101

REVO K101 Review

. Charge the device firstly. The LED indicator light in Orange will be shut down once the battery power is full.

. Format the "TF“ memory card at FAT/ FAT 32. Don't format it to exFAT!

. Download the GBA/FC/NES/GB/GBC/SGB/PCE/SMS/GG/SG-1000 roms. Install them under the root direction of TF card.

. Insert the TF card into the K-card. K-card into the K101's slot. Turn on the machine and you can play games!

. Remeber to charge the device when the LED indicator light turns to RED. Power in shortage may effect you to save the game files.

. Push the Reset Button can reboot the unit if it is "frozen" on screen.

. No need to upzip the GBA ROM as k101 plus can run the zip file directly!

. Insert the original GBA cartridage and play games directly.

Product Information:
•Dedicated Hardwire circuits to fully support all graphic & sound modes
•Re-design memory interface to support both cartridge and SD/TF card
•Adjustable CPU clock to add MP3 playback capability
•Support small size TFT LCD with adjustable( 5 level) backlight
•Support TV Out(VGA resolution). Plug and play GBA games on your TV(PAL/NTSC composite)( Hot swap between LCD & tv)
•Built-in scaling engine to support LCD to TV in different resolution
•Built in interrupt controller to enable cartridge hot plug and cheat function
•Do DRAM required if no SD/TF
•100% compatible with original cartridges. 100% frame rate achieved(60 FPS)
•100% compatible with GBA Roms you owned and all the public domain games or homebrew games

•Support GBA link. Both single game pack mode and multi game pack are supported. You can even link with your original GBA
•Built in emulator for FC, NES, GBC, GB, SGB, SMS, GG, SG, PCE, SG-1000 Roms
•Zip your ROM files to save SD/TF space (GBA Only)
•MP3 playback support
•GBA cheat support
•In-game menu for on the fly cheats, game guides and returning to the main menu
•Text reader
•JPG viewer

Technical Specifications:
•Dual Core system - ARM7+ARM9 compatible
•CPU - ARM716.78 MHz?ARM9 (50?100MHz Adjustable)
•DRAM - 50 MHz
•Frame Rate - 60 fps
•Graphics - Dedicated GPU hardware circuits
•Sound - Dedicated SPU hardware circuits
•LCD - AUO 3" 3X320X480
•Battery - 3.7v 800mAh Nokia BL-5B Li-ion rechargeable
•Power Consumption - 180mA on boot-up, < 150mAh while gaming