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How to use the Real Time Clock?

How to use TV out?

What’s On Offer?

The product has full compatibility with hardware GBA games and ROMs. It has a solid support for official GBA cartridges as well as enhanced support for pirated GBA cartridges. Adding further, it includes fresh official and Unofficial GBA link cable support (K101-K101, K101-K1 GBA SP, and K101-GBA). Provides charging through mini-USB cable (powered USB and/or optional wall adapter) and has added support for standard 3.5 mm headphone jack. It gives you a great TV-out put through a 2.5 mm AV cable.

The offering also features an all new In-game menu, allowing for soft-reset back to main firmware menu. Add - on Real Time Clock (RTC) functionality. The product provides you with a superior MP3 playback functionality. The text reading functionality is far improved and the JPG viewer gives you options for great picture displays. The product has a built it in real time In-game guide support (ANSI/UTF-8 .TXT) with GBA cheat support included. A Super quality LCD provides 5 levels of brightness with LCD scaling engine thrown in.

Superb sound is ensured with forward facing speaker. Product controls are made easier with side faced system power button with volume adjustment knob, top mounted backlight button, AV-out jack, mini-USB port, and extension port. The product further features SDHC support/ microSD (up to 32 GB), function shortcut keys, built in interrupt controller for cartridge hot swapping, and game preview picture support based on internal GameID, added cheat support (GBA .CHT files), adjustable power-on and background images, package inclusive Multiple language support, and on-the-fly decompression via zipped ROM file.

Technical Specifications

The product features Dual Core system - ARM7+ARM9 compatible, Graphics - Dedicated GPU hardware circuits, 16.67 MHz CPU, Sound - Dedicated SPU hardware circuits, LCD - AUO TFT 3 inch screen (960x480 max resolution), a longer lasting Nokia clone BL-58 3.7v 890mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery, 50 MHz DRAM, and a superb Frame Rate of 60 fps.

How It Works

The Revo K101 runs on ARM7 and ARM9 CPUs. The ARM7 controls the sound and 2D dedicated graphic hardware. The ARM9 is the master CPU for every other function. The system achieves a high compatibility rate via implementation technology which can handle sound, graphic, and data communications in all engines on the SoC.

The Revo K101 uses a special memory interface that lets the GBA cartridge interface be "emulated" via a modern DMA and DRAM interface. The K-Card is an access device letting the contents of the microSD card to be consumed by the SoC, and acts as a storage device as well to save files. On-board DRAM comes into play only when K-Card is used and works by accepting the entire ROM.

What’s In Box?

• 1x mini-USB Cable

• 1x Revo K101

• 1x 2.3 mm AV-Out Cable

• 1x USB AC Adapter

• 1x K-Card

How To Setup?

1. Using the Panasonic Converter, format the microSD card

2. Download and extract the cheat database

3. Download and extract the Game Pic collection

4. Find the ROOT named ksystem and make a folder in it

5. Insert the GamePic and Cheat directories into the ksystem folder

6. Drag and Drop Homebrew or some ROMs

7. Insert microSD card into the K-Card

8. Insert K-Card into the Revo K101. Turn on the system and enjoy!

Final Words

Revo K101 is an excellent product on offer with an amazing price tag of $69.99. You can buy it directly from website while for more amazing information on the product, please visit Twitter @k1gbasp and Facebook at the following link.

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